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About Us

  • Mission
  • Principal's Message
  • History


Morley Community School opened in 1984 on the Stoney Reserve. It was named after the townsite of Morley located on the Stoney Reserve. The name Morley refers to the Methodist minister Dr. William Morley Punshon who was one of the first ministers to encounter the Stoney people in 1840's.

Morley Community School is funded by Indian and Northern affairs Canada, but follows the Alberta learning curriculum and Alberta School Act. The school reports to Alberta Learning which certifies the school if it determines that the appropriate provincial stnadards have been met. Therefore all course, certificates and diplomas from Morley Community School are fully recognized anywhere in Canada. The school is required to employ only Alberta Learning certified teachers for teaching positions.

Mission Statement

  • To ensure that Stoney Nation culture, language, history and collective knowledge are passed on to each successive generation
  • To promote the highest standard of literacy-based education for Stoney Nation children and young adults in a manner that will facilitate participation in any field or endeavor they may choose
  • To provide all Stoney Nation children the opportunity to learn to speak, read and write in the Stoney language
  • To instill in children and young adults the understanding that education is a lifelong pursuit
  • To provide a holistic approach to education that addresses the cultural, social, economic, emotional, physical and intellectual goals of children and young adults
  • To provide and develop education policies that accommodate a rapidly changing world, and to prepare children and young adults to meet the challenges such change demands
  • To recognize that children and young adults are taught first at home, and secondly at school, and to recognize the importance of family involvement in the development and delivery of education services
  • To ensure that all school staff and students are drug and alcohol-free
  • To provide a safe and caring school environment that is free from physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual and verbal abuse (innuendo, gossip and rumour) and harassment

Principal's Message

Aba Wathtech!

Welcome to Morley Community School.

My name is Sheldon Couillonneur and this marks my 16th year in First Nations Education. I am truly amazed and blessed to be working within the Stoney Education Authority. I am extremely honoured to be working with youth and leaders from our First Nation communities: the Chiniki First Nation, the Wesley First Nation and the Bearspaw First Nation.

Morley Community School (MCS) is a community school delivering educational programming for approximately 400 students registered in grades 6-12. MCS believes in the preservation and proliferation of our Stoney Nakoda values and beliefs that are essential to our identity and heritage. This is promoted throughout our education model at MCS and integrated into all subject areas through Alberta Education. MCS provides all students with innovative and sustainable educational programming that promotes successful transitions and opportunities into post-secondary institutions and the workforce. This also includes comprehensive models on Literacy and Numeracy Programs that foster high quality student outcomes.

I look forward to meeting with anyone who shares a passion for First Nations Education and the promotion of the Stoney Nakoda language and cultural pedagogies.


Sheldon Couillonneur
Principal, Morley Community School